A new project

Hello everyone!

So we are now in a new month, my birthday month actually, and I have acquired a new digital camera from Christmas. I was thinking that while I am definitely not a photographer, I can take photos anyways and post them here. I think a big part of Halifax and why it is charming is because there are lots of little special sights to see, some that most of us walk by everyday without noticing. So as a way to remind myself during this drab, cold time of the year, why I like living here, I am going to post little snaps of things I see and enjoy in the city. I got myself a purse finally so that I can carry my camera with me all the time.

The past little while I have been mostly taking pictures of nature-y things. So for this first *picpost* think trees and snow. Winter is really a very lovely time of year, you just need to look in the right places.

So there you have it, my first *picpost*. I am going to be looking out for lots of cool things to snap shots of. Let me just stress again that I am not looking to be a photographer, but rather just to take everyday pictures of everyday things. I think we all need a little reminder of the good things that are around us.

Until next time,


Ohhhh December.

So it’s chilly outside, and sometimes snow falls, but most of the time it is just windy and outrageously cold out. Nevertheless, us Canadians are keeping strong as we continue to live our lives. I have been off doing many things like attending the gym on a regular basis and counteracting it by eating lots of sushi, so that has been great! If you haven’t tried Minatos located on Queen Street just up from Spring Garden rd then you must. Be sure to try the Veggie dragon Maki roll as it is divine. I have also seen three movies in the last week, which is more movies than I have seen collectively in the last six months I think. Regardless, I saw the movie The Road with Vigo Mortinson which terrified me beyond all reason. I find the post apocalyptic world where people are fighting for their lives more frightening than any killer thriller movie. I was shaking with fear for the entire duration of the film as my dear friend Donna, who I sat next to, can attest to. Next, I saw Ninja Assassin, which was a birthday request from my wonderful friend Tyler. I will say that I was surprised at how entertained I was by it, although I think in the end we were entertained for the wrong reasons. That being said, if you need a good laugh, be sure to go see it. Last of all, I saw Precious. I really enjoyed Precious because despite it being really heavy, the story was very triumphant and overcoming. I would definitely recommend that everyone see it. I also think  that the actress Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe is really great and can’t wait to see her act in other things!

Since it is now December, I’ve been thinking about all the Christmas presents I have to start making and it’s driving me a little nutty as I have so much stuff I want to do. I will be crafting up a storm for the next couple of weeks.

I have to also mention that if you like in the south end of Halifax, near the #1 bus route or by the shopping centre, you should definitly check out  Local Joes coffee shop on Oxford at Liverpool. It’s a great little spot with an array of sandwiches, soups and delicious drinks. They have good big tables for studying, little benches at the windows and a kids play area. I sat there for a while today really enjoying the atmosphere of students, kids and adults all chit chatting and having a nice time.

So it seems that everyone is finishing up exams and heading home for the holidays. For those of us who are hanging around, there is a knit night at local joes on wednesdays that you should all check out. If I remember correctly, it starts at either 6 or 7. I will check and get back to you, but my plan is to go and learn to knit hopefully.

Also, in case anyone is wondering, my ukulele skills are improving greatly and I will be learning new songs, which I will eventually make a video for you guys.

I will be posting a couple of photos from a photo shoot I did last March with my friend Tyler, with a local photographer called Moe. You should check out his blog as it is great! MOEtography

With that I will leave you. I’m off to lie in my newly heated room, which is so exciting.