As my time in Paris comes to an end…

Hi everyone!

Today, someone said to me that they were checking into tickets for the Foire de Paris, which if you have been reading for a year will ring a bell. It’s a big exhibition show in Paris in May. I almost fell over when I came to the realization that my time in Paris, the one year mark, is coming up very fast. The sun is out in Paris, it is beautiful, and some days are feeling like Summer and the evenings like Spring. All the things I loved about Paris when I first arrived are coming back like a flood- the hustle and bustle, patios filled with people, and music. I had a couple of months where I felt down on Paris and I think it was definitely the winter blues. Now that it is nice out again, and that I can open the window in my room things are feeling lovely. I am trying not to wish the time away, spending as much time out with my friends as I can, because I know I will miss them once I am gone. Of course, like I assured them, I will be back to visit.

I’ve been out and about with my new camera taking shots of whatever I can, random things I like, this orange bicycle for example. I am trying to learn the camera works and what it can do, but for the moment I am a bit useless with it. It needs time.

I’m sure there are plenty of you that I have not told about what I am doing after I leave Paris, so here is the plan.

At the end of April, no for sure date as of yet, I will be leaving to walk the El Camino (St Jacques de Compostella) pilgrimage which is about 800 km depending on the route and brings me from France into Spain. This should take me about a month, perhaps a little over. I am anxious to get started and can’t wait to see what it brings and whether I am capable of finishing it in one piece. I felt it was really time for a new challenge, and I wanted to travel by foot so  that I can gain an idea of what a long distance feels like. We are so fortunate to have planes, cars, trains and all that, that I think we forget that we also have legs.

I haven’t decided on my route yet, but when I do I will post it here. I will continue to post as I walk, and will do my best to keep you updated on what I am up to along the way.

After Spain, I will be popping back through Paris for a night and then heading via the Chunnel to London! I am on the hunt for a room now and will be visiting in a couple of weeks for job interviews and all that good stuff. I can’t wait to get there and become a Londonian (I’m really not sure if that is the term, but I like it!)

My life is about to take an enormous leap forward and I am trying to prepare myself, but all the while, I don’t want to wish my time in Paris away.

I had a lovely little musical experience on the metro the other night and thanks to my handy iphone I caught a recording for you. There was a guy and a girl standing on seats opposite each other, one with an accordion and then other a clarinet. They sang and danced and said many times they wanted no money and that it was purely for us to enjoy. It was lovely, and another reason why I will always love Paris. Paris Metro – Accordions and clarinet! by Specinthecity

Miss you all!

OX Spec.

Uganda Dance, Latin Dance, Moving and moving and moving

Hey Everyone!

Ok so this week has been just crazy. I challenge you to find a busier schedule.  So, on Wednesday I moved from an apartment into the most beautiful house.  Not only are my two new roommates super nice, but they are also so easy to get along with. I can’t tell you how at home I feel, it is just awesome! Anyways, I am just so pleased with how it all worked out!

On Thursday I started my new full time job at the Scotiabank contact centre, and already after two days I feel pretty lucky and happy to be there. I think the job is going to be pretty fun and also a great opportunity. Woot!

In other news, my parentals are in China so I am hearing man a story from them as they travel. I wish I could be back there, as I spent three months over in Asia this past summer with my friend Thibaut. What I would give to go back to one of those trave memories. Anyways, I am getting off topic here.

To back track a little, on Tuesday I attended my first Uganda dance class. I showed up at Dance Halifax on Barrington, which is where they hold the class, but it is run by the Maratimes Centre for African Dance. The class was only myself and one other girl, Dawn. The teacher, Vickie was a past session student as well and was now teaching the class. She is from Uganda and was really sweet. We learned a dance called Achoeli (I know I am spelling/ potentially saying that wrong) It was really hard but also really fun. African dance is very rewarding to your mind and body, because it requires you to be able to do  a lot things at once all while coordinating every part of your body going in different directions. When you finally succeed at getting a move down, it makes you feel pretty good.

We did the Acholi dance to this music.  I am really enjoying listening to music that I know nothing about. It’s very refreshing. And although the music doesn’t sound too crazy, I assure you that the dance is very involved and really fun. The class was also a great work out! Always a bonus.

It would be great to see other people come out! They do classes on an individual basis so I think you can join whenever, so if you are interested I have posted the info at the bottom to contact the centre.

I also attended my third latin dance class yesterday, and it is going great. I have such a great group of people to learn with. They are so sweet and fun to be around and we all encourage each other. We did the Meringue, Salsa and Tango.  Leslie, the instructor and owner of Shake it is great and has really been giving us all the tools we need to be able to do the dance. What I love about it the most though is that we are all interacting and participating in the dances together, unlike a lot of dance classes where it is so regimented and the teachers can be a little too strict.  It’s just really fun!

So on the agenda for the weekend, is a good night of champagne, dancing at Pacifico and then Reflections! This will be followed by the market tomorrow morning, candy apple making with my most delightful friend Amanda, hula hooping on sunday and hopefully another craft night with Andrew! Apparently we are working on either rubber stamping or a textiles project! how mysterious and exciting!

Stay tuned my ducklings… plenty of exciting things going on!

And now some info:

Maritime Centre For African Dance

2594 Agricola St 
Halifax, NS
B3K 4C6
(902) 425-7443