The Scoop

Hi everyone, whoever you are! I’m Spec, and I’m currently on a lifelong adventure of city exploring. I have recently discovered a serious love for traveling and hope to make the best of every place I visit or live in. I am from Toronto originally, and have  lived on the east coast in Halifax,NS  then off in Paris, France for a year and now live in jolly old London, UK.

Toronto is a great city, but I think anyone would agree that the city they grew up in doesn’t hold as much excitement as a city they have never visited. I move around because I like change and new things to explore. I know a year isn’t enough to tackle an entire city, but I make a point of seeing as much as I can. When I feel like my time is up in a place, I go, knowing very well that I will probably miss it in a couple of months time. I think missing a place is sign of the good it did for me and a reminder of where I have been.

This time around, I am living in London after a long but fun year in Paris. So far London has taken good care of me and I can’t wait to see what it brings next…

If anyone has any suggestions about places I should visit in the city, or things I should try, please let me know, as I will do my best to give them a shot.

Before you know it, I will be off to a new city, but for now let’s focus on fancy faced London.


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