A foggy day at the Eiffel Tower…

Hi everyone!

So this past week I had the opportunity to go up to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower! It’s been over 8 months since I arrived in this delightfully old world European city and this was the first time that I could really take it all in from above. I have been to several other areas, like Sacre Coeur, a church on a hilltop in Montmartre in the 18th arrond. where I have seen magnificient views of Paris, but there is something very different about being atop the Eiffel Tower. For one, it’s the only view of Paris that doesn’t include the famous tower itself. Since my camera is currently not working, I was forced to rely on my trusty iphone to take pictures, and it didn’t do too bad a job! I’m positive I will go back once the weather gets a little better and when I have my regular camera as well.









I really loved going up the tower and it gave me a new outlook on Paris. It was nice to see it from above, a new angle to take it all in from.

Tomorrow I am heading to London for the weekend for a fashion blogger day so I’ll be sure to report to you on that just as soon as I get home.

Until then my trusty friends, take care and see you soon!

xo Spec.

58 thoughts on “A foggy day at the Eiffel Tower…

  1. So glad you made it, finally! I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to have been in Paris for almost a year and not gone up the Eiffel Tower! 🙂

  2. Paris is one of my most favourite cities. The atmosphere is electric, eccentric and charming! These pictures took me back to the time I spent there, many a day just walking around the city and taking it all in. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello from Indonesia.
    I’ve never been here, but your photos just “healed” me.
    Thank you for sharing, I hope I will have the chance to visit Paris.

  4. Nice photos. I was at the Tour today and will post my photos shortly. I climbed the stairs. That workout will last me through the end of this week!

    I also need to do more touristy things since I’m here in Paris. But you know when you live in a place you always put off adventures and sightseeing.

  5. Ciao fellow Ontarian! I come from the Niagara Region but now call Sardegna, Italy my home. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling all over Europe, if you have any questions let me know. Have a great time. Awesome photos. Congrats on Freshly Pressed.

  6. I’ve been to Paris four times and still not gone up the Eiffel Tower. Seeing your photos makes me want to. Okay, so maybe I will have to make trip number five soon.

    Thanks for sharing the view!

  7. Oh how I miss Paris. Even when its cloudy it appears delightful to my eyes. But alas, I am in the armpit of Washington State….and I can only wish… I was there….

  8. You got some nice pics even though the weather was not fantastic. Paris is definitely a beautiful city! Never been bored of walking around with no special target, it’s always a delight for the eyes. One of my favorite spot : Le Pont de l’Archevêché where you get a sweet view of Notre Dame and over the Seine.

  9. I’m a fellow Torontonian (living in NY) and love Paris. But even after living there for a year and visiting many times, I’ve never gone up the Tower. I love prowling the back streets of the Marais; rue du Vieille du Temple is one of my favorites.

    My favorite photo of the Eiffel tower is one I took at BHV in the men’s department, where they’d placed a miniature of it, covered in glitter, beneath a glass cover like some rare specimen.

    Have fun in London!

  10. these are great pics! I’m actually going to France this summer so it’s cool to get a little idea of other peoples Paris stories 🙂

    • Have fun this summer! If you ahve questions or anything don`t hesistate to pop me an email – I`m happy to help out!

  11. It’s a great view, anytime. My son live in Paris, has been there for eight years now, and still can’t stop taking photos of La Tour. Have a fun time in London – almost as good as Paris 😉
    Be well,

  12. a place ive always wanted to go. ill get there one day. love the pictures you have. i love the last pic you got. just a bummer about the busses at the bottom of the pic. would of been perfect. but they are awesome.

  13. i didnt get a chance to go up the tower while i was in paris, so now i know what it looks like from atop haha — enjoy london, it’s my favorite

  14. I envy, I envy, I envy. I’m going back to Paris in May for Sade and MotoGP, I can’t wait. Great photos. The thing about Europe (sth that other cities don’t have) is that I can watch over and over all my photos and google again again like it’s my first time. It’s something in the air. You go London and write back.

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  16. my desire when i am in paris right now is grapes agricultural farming system. France have great system that allow pre and harvest season without any contaminant agents. My interest is Plant protection in bachelor degree in indonesia. 🙂

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