Miss Tic @ Gallery W, Paris

Hi everyone!

I know you are all surprised to see me back so soon, but I wanted to share with you a little something that I did yesterday with a couple of friends.

 Up in Montmartre, on the Rue Lepic, which is a lovely place, full of interesting bars and shops, there is a gallery, called Gallery W that often has art exhibits open free to the public. We went to see an exhibit on Miss Tic, a female graffiti/tag artist in Paris.  Her art is hidden everywhere in Paris, on corners, in alleyways and on closed shutters of shops. Most of her work features pcitures of men and women with sassy French phrases about love written along side them. I took a few photos to share with you and you can see the rest here on facebook if you`re connected there.

It was a really great exhibit and here is a last photo of me in front of the gallery.

To add to the marvelous afternoon I was having, it was warm in Paris and the sun was shining atop the hill that Montmartre sits on. After visiting the gallery we sat on a patio outside an Irish bar and had warm drinks. I think this will be added to my list of favourite ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Cheers, les amis!


Ps. I know I have changed the layout on this blog several times, but I am finding these layouts are often disorganized and hard to read. I think this is the best I have found yet and hope it`s easier for you all to read and enjoy 🙂


4 thoughts on “Miss Tic @ Gallery W, Paris

  1. Ps the first word in my previous post was actually supposed to be ill as in sick but the capitalized I looked way too much like an l. Damn you helvetica!!

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