Chugga Chugga chugga Chugga…

Oh I do love trains! I like how they sort of float across pastures, through towns and wind around corners and sometimes cliffs. I feel like I am in a giant mechanical centipede whipping across the worlds biggest bathtub. (Fortunately, there is no giant centipede killer.) I am slightly disappointed that my seat seems to be the only one that has a divide between two windows, leaving me with my head squished between the seat in front of me and the wall so that I can see out onto the landscape. There is nothing particularly special about the English landscape but I want to see it anyways.

I have many things planned for my almost 4 day trip in London. I am seeing a show at the Globe theatre on the 28th, I am going to peruse the V&A Museum, which I have been waiting to do since I took an art course at NSCAD a couple of years ago, see the major sights like the London eye, London Tower Big Ben and many more, an of course shop. I will keep you all updated on the cool things I see and do as I go. My first stop out of the train is the tube so that I can drop my little backpack at The Clink hostel where I am staying. It’s in an old courthouse so I am looking forward to seeing how neat it really is.

Thank you all for reading, I love you all! XO

1 thought on “Chugga Chugga chugga Chugga…

  1. Oooooooh, so exciting!!! I so love your blogs!!! (Ok, I’m your mother, so I’m a little biased, but I find them sooooo interesting.) I’m picturing myself with you on the train and can’t wait to hear your impressions of London town–I saw on the news that Vivienne Westwood is currently having an exhibit of her hundreds of pairs of shoes somewhere in London–perhaps it rivals your collection???? 🙂 Love you. xoxoxoxo mumsy

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