For taking photos with!

So in preparation for my big trip I really wanted to have a Lomography camera. Let me just first say that I am probably one of the lamest photo takers that exists. It is really not something I know anything about, so most of my photos are really just ones that I take for my enjoyment. Anyways, all that aside, I wanted something that could take neat photos and that had film. I really like the idea of film because I won’t see the pictures until I get them developed later down the road. So, while I was in Buffalo a couple of weeks ago, I managed to snag a special edition Lomography fisheye lens camera at Urban Outfitters. Not only does it have this snazzy cut out craft print on the outside but it has a pink lens cap too!

I came across some very old expired 2 dollar film at a dollar store in the mall where I work and so I bought it to practice. I know the photos will probably be a bit crap, but we shall see. I don’t really mind as it only cost me 2 bucks for the film. I will be sure to post pictures just as soon as I get them developed. In the meantime, admire it’s cuteness 🙂

I will surely have something interesting to update you on soon. I am starting my Europe trip itinerary this weekend, complete with map and pictures. I will fill you in on it once I have begun. Stay tuned as always!

*** ALSO, I WOULD LOVE PLANE LETTERS FOR WHEN I HEAD TO FRANCE – I know it’s lame to ask for them, but if I feel like I need a dose of home, I love having things to read with a thought or too from my best friends.***


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