Oh yes, it’s that time of year again ladies, gentlemen and young children: the EASTER BUNNY IS COMING!!!! Hoooray. Don’t bother looking for him, I found him at the Halifax Shopping centre and he is giving out free boxes of smarties! Excuse my silly grin, I was just so excited!

For taking photos with!

So in preparation for my big trip I really wanted to have a Lomography camera. Let me just first say that I am probably one of the lamest photo takers that exists. It is really not something I know anything about, so most of my photos are really just ones that I take for my enjoyment. Anyways, all that aside, I wanted something that could take neat photos and that had film. I really like the idea of film because I won’t see the pictures until I get them developed later down the road. So, while I was in Buffalo a couple of weeks ago, I managed to snag a special edition Lomography fisheye lens camera at Urban Outfitters. Not only does it have this snazzy cut out craft print on the outside but it has a pink lens cap too!

I came across some very old expired 2 dollar film at a dollar store in the mall where I work and so I bought it to practice. I know the photos will probably be a bit crap, but we shall see. I don’t really mind as it only cost me 2 bucks for the film. I will be sure to post pictures just as soon as I get them developed. In the meantime, admire it’s cuteness 🙂

I will surely have something interesting to update you on soon. I am starting my Europe trip itinerary this weekend, complete with map and pictures. I will fill you in on it once I have begun. Stay tuned as always!

*** ALSO, I WOULD LOVE PLANE LETTERS FOR WHEN I HEAD TO FRANCE – I know it’s lame to ask for them, but if I feel like I need a dose of home, I love having things to read with a thought or too from my best friends.***


To the ‘burbs we go!

So I am spending this weekend out in Monastery, which is a serious suburb of Antigonish.( I am about 2 and half hours outside of Halifax. ) I’m at home with my dear friend Tyler and his brother and sister Jordan and Bethany. So far we have been sleeping in, sitting in the sun and catching up on TV episodes that we have let slide. It is so beautiful outside and there is nothing we have to do. This is so the kind of weekend I was hoping for. I am still in my PJs and I am blogging up a storm as well as incorporating time for my ugly french courses that are taking over my life. I wish I could email you the weather as it is so nice.
Have a delightful weekend in the city y’all!


Self-lovin’ – New Specs!

So I was due for a new pair of specs, and so I thought, I better get something funky-cool that I haven’t had before. I know they are both really similar, but I was hoping for the nerdy smart look, and I think I have achieved it. Excuse the ridiculous photos, just so happens I have the inability to look normal when taking photos of myself.    Adios!


The cat (or should I say chat?) is out of the bag!!!

So now that I have officially quit my job to pursue my life as a vagabond, I can announce to you my big news. Spec is moving on. I am moving to France! I will step into Paris on the morning of May 5th, and I can hardly contain myself. I have decided that for this big trip, for which there is no end date as of yet, I need to become more fashion-savvy and up to date, so I will be ditching a lot of my saturday/sunday sweats for skirts and nice black pants, and accessories accessories accessories! There is just so much to do in so little time.

I must say, the most exciting thing about leaving is that I get to see my dear friend Thibaut who lives in Paris, who I have not seen in over 9 months! Can you imagine!?

I have big plans for Paris, and I must also add that I have never set foot in Europe so suggestions and ideas of things to do would be greatly appreciated.  I have no plan as of yet but am going to work on that over the next couple of weeks. I have a multitude of links for traveling blogs and websites that I will be sharing in upcoming posts for those of you who are interested in traveling.

For the next few weeks that I have left, I have a big list of things to do, including finishing my French courses, packing my things, selling some jewelry/accessories, oh and take a trip to Boston…

Yes I am also going to Boston for 4 days with my wonderful friend Adam. I can’t believe all of the amazing opportunities I have been given in the last little while, I feel so lucky. We are hitting up Boston to see David Sedaris live in concert! Followed by a quick trip to the prestigious educational institute they like to call Brown.

Why Brown you ask?! Well, one of my best friends, Frederique, goes to Brown and is a star, or at least I am convinced she is. I can’t wait to see her as it has been months since we have seen each other.  Could life get any more exciting than this!? I think not!

Ok people, start thinking up things for me to do in Europe, I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve which I will be telling you about. We are back in business, life is busy in the exciting way again, so I can start writing about things you may actually want to read about. Let us rejoice together! Hooray!



February Gone…

So February has come and gone faster than any month, as it usually does. I am hunkering down to finish up these French courses I am doing, as they are really starting to annoy me. I have had a busy lat couple of weeks filled with 21st birthday celebrations both at home in Toronto and here in Halifax. Last night I had the pleasure of a few friends coming over for a potluck and drinks, followed by a night of dancing to bad music. I have decided that those are the best parties, because everyone just comes together and talks and laughs. I had friends from different circles who didn’t know each other and they all got a long like peas in a pod.

This weekend in Halifax has been marvelous. The weather has been in the positives with bright sun all day. It feels like spring is in the air. When I walked outside this morning I could breath a deep breath of fresh air in without it catching in my throat from the cold. The grass is peeking through and the snow melting away. People are out in sweatshirts, picking up their coffees, walking their dogs and I think I head a little more laughter than usual. We are coming out of hibernation, at last.

Welcome back Halifax

So now that March is in full swing, I have some fun things for all of you to do. I was thinking that since this month is a bit of a transition month,  between the frigid winter and the fresh spring, that the focus should be about trying to do things at home or with friends.

Yesterday, for my birthday potluck, I made mini Tarts au Citron. I found the recipe on a blog that I read every weekend call Design Sponge, and it is perfect. the lemon curd is not too sweet but also not too sour, and the pastry is crunchy without tasteless. Check out the recipe here: TART AU CITRON.

It wasn’t a fast recipe but I put on some old fashioned French tunes, like Charles Aznavour and Jacques Brel and whistled while I worked. The sun was shining in all the windows and the smell of lemon and pastry cooking filled the house. It felt just right.

I have also put aside a bunch of fun craft ideas to give myself something to do in between homework and real work.

If you are looking for some inspiration for getting out around the city, and a walk in Point Pleasant Park isn’t your thing, check out The Coast magazine for a million and one ideas. I would highly suggest, although never having been myself, checking out The Brier Curling match. I bet it will be exciting and really fun to watch.

If the weather happens to turn on us at some point this week, I think the next best thing would be to head to the movies to see Alice in Wonderland. I hear it is going to be quite a treat.

And with that I am going to leave you. I have big news to announce but will do that in the next two weeks, so stayed tuned as per usual.

Happy March Everyone!