It’s Sunday… the end of the weekend :(

WOW! What a busy weekend it has been.  On Friday I got off work a little bit early and went out for drinks with friends from work. We hit up the Carlton, which at first glance seemed great but in the end, the service was pretty lousy. We got there early and so obviously were served immediately and taken care of throughout the time we were there, until it got a little busier and it was as if they forgot about us. It took almost an hour to get our bill when we finally decided that we would rather go to the good ole’ Economy Shoe Shop for a bite to eat and some friendly staff.  That aside, it was a great time and we had a lot of good laughs. At about 10, we left Economy and I headed up to the Park Lame (I mean lane) theatre to see Zombieland. The movie was great! I was really surprised to be honest, as those kinds of movies usually don’t interest me, but it had good moments and the music was alright too. Either way, it was nice to see a movie with friends and then head home for a good sleep.

I haven’t been feeling super great the last week, I think I am fighting off the dreaded colds of the fall that everyone is passing around, so I had to lie a little low this weekend, but that never hurt anyone. It did however mean that I missed Scratch Bastid at the Paragon, but hopefully if he comes again I’ll be able to make it out.

On Saturday morning, I met up with Amanda for a morning at the Farmer’s Market. We had vegan cinnabuns and organic sweet cider for breakfast and sampled a lot of other delicious things along the way. I managed to pick up loads of veggies for the week before we pumped into our most delightful friend Blake! Since we were almost all finished we headed up to  Stevo-renos for a coffee by the library. Saturday mornings at the market is one of those experiences that really makes you feel in tune with the city. You are connecting with locals and buying stuff that they make or grow and for the most part it is cheaper and better quality than going to the grocery store.

Saturday afternoon was eventful between carrying dog food for Amanda’s dog back from Bayer’s lake on the bus to learning how to make peanut butter fudge! I was still feeling pretty gross though despite all that.

Sunday was going to be a super lazy day until Andrew showed up and told me I was coming going with him and Clark for a wander. I liked the idea, so I grabbed my hula hoop, which I needed for my class later, and walked downtown with them. We popped into a couple of second hand shops and then hit up American Apparel. Next we went over to Paper Chase so I could get some lunch. I had a delightful Apple cheese melt on a bagel, you really should go and try it for yourself.

On Sunday night I went to my hula hoop class, as per usual, where we had a couple of people away sick, but it was still great. We learned to do the grape vine while hooping AND to twirl the hoop above our heads and then get it to twirl down around our bodies. I sill need to work on it, it didn’t come instantly but I was getting it near the end of the class.

To complete a perfect day, I went to dinner with Andrew and Tori, my Sunday craft night buddies at our new friend, Meghan’s place. The food was delicious and we had a great time!

This blog post spilled over into Monday so I have my DJ class tonight and we will be working on more baby scratching and mixing. I can’t wait! I’ll talk to you all soon!


Mini Update: Events this week

On Friday night at The Paragon Theatre on Gottingen street Scratch Bastid is spinning, and it should be a good show!!!

UPDATE: DJ TRIXXX at Bubbles Mansion on Saturday night! He will be there broadcasting with Z103 and a portion of the cover will be going to Reachability and the Rhythm DJ program!! You should all come out and dance and drink and such! It’s going to be a great time and raise money for a great organization! FYI 11pm-2am. C U THERE.

TRIXXX will also be at the  Middle Deck/Beer Market on Sunday night!

And for the future, Girl Talk is happening on Oct 24th. I’m not sure if it’s sold out, but if not let me know if you are going, as I will be there!


Thanksgiving DEEE-lights


I apologize for my neglect in writing lately, this week has been, as per usual an utter mash up of craziness. I have plenty to tell you about and some new stuff for you to check out. Let me begin by telling you all about my lazy Thanksgiving weekend. I felt like I was getting a little ill on Friday evening so I didn’t end up going out at all on the weekend, which is just as well, because that is what long weekends are for: rest and relaxation.

On Saturday,  I was invited to my great friend Amanda’s place where her and her amazing room mate Adam were cookin’ up a Vegan Thanksgiving Feast. Now I am a vegetarian so the idea of being able to go to a Thanksgiving meal where I can choose something of any of the plates of delicious food excites me a great deal. For those of you who are omnivores and don’t know, usually us vegetarians pick from the side dishes since we don’t eat traditional turkey.  I was so pumped to attend this event.

Even better, was the fact that I had been put on duty to make garlic mashed potatoes and to cook all the veggies which Amanda seasoned and Adam so kindly dropped off.  Now, I am well aware that Amanda is the queen of all things vegan, and that she is the official tester for all the delicious vegan recipes that exist on Earth, ok I’m exaggerating. But I had no idea that she would be preparing this incredible of a meal. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I arrived their place. Not only had the place been transformed from a just moved in, boxes piled high in every room in utter disorganization space, to a neat and tidy living space that had a kitchen pegboard and a drink station for the guests. I was very impressed, and this was before I even  had seen the food.

As soon as I walked up into their kitchen I could smell the rich scent of roasted veggies, bubbling vegetable stock, and a faint waft of apple crisp in the air. Atop the stove sat four pots each on their own element, cooking various things, and each having bubbled over once leaving a rainbow smatter of sauces and flavours on the stove top. Off on the far counter sat a soup in a hot pot boiling away. As I tried not to get in Amanda’s way as she floated around the kitchen grabbing pots, measuring cups and wooden spoons for every corner, she opened the oven, and inside was a sight to see. Both racks of the oven were jam packed with casserole dishes full of interesting and delightful smelling vegan goods. A stuffed tofurky, a seitan roulade with roasted vegetables around it, a rice paella stuffed squash, grilled portbellos with a rice topping, a green bean casserole, and a dish of homemade bread stuffing.  Along with these, I had provided a big heap of garlic mashed potatoes, and cooked the loemon roasted potatoes, roasted carrots and seasoned roasted squash chunks.  I cannot explain how amazing it truly was.

As people began to arrive, more food made it’s way into the living room, including fancy roasted almonds,  traditional pickled beets and sweet pickles and fresh-from- the- market rolls. Fresh apple cider and a growler of beer sat at the drink station next to two lines of shiny glasses.

At about 7pm, dinner was served and it became immediately clear that the goal was to eat as much as you possibly could because there was no way Amanda would be able to fit it all in her fridge after. The food tasted exquisite and after second helpings, for those who could manage them were gobbled up, we all sat in utter exhaustion from the amount of food we had consumed.

This was not the end however, as a pumpkin pie with a crushed walnut crust, pumpkin shortbread squares and a hot apple crisp with vanilla ice awaited us. We all discussed how there is definitely a second stomach reserved for dessert and that it would just be silly for us not to try any. Needles to say, we made a small dent in the desserts, as they were so hard to resist.

The entire evening was absolutely great. I know I have mentioned only the food but it was out of this world. Spending time with old friends and plenty of new friends, chatting and enjoying each others company makes me realize that perhaps I am thankful for Thanksgiving. I think most of us can agree that the original colonialist origins of Thanksgiving are often lost and the weekend becomes about family and friends being together, and this is exactly what the weekend was for me.

On top of it all, Amanda took photos to post to her blog, which I recommend you all to check out, as she writes about her wacky vegan ways. Also, this month is Vegan Food Month, also known as Vegan MOFO. People are posting “food porn” (lots of vegan food pictures) all day everyday, talking about recipes and sharing with each other. I’m sure I will be given the opportunity to taste many more of Amanda’s creation this month as she is doing plenty of cooking and baking. Yum yum!


There are loads of pictures from the big Thanksgiving feast on Amanda’s blog so be sure to check them out. Warning: snacks at hand while looking through pictures is a good idea as they will make your mouth water. 🙂

I won’t bore you with any details of the weather or ordinary life details, because if you live here, you know it’s been crap, and if you don’t live here you have probably heard about it and thought to yourself “Gee I sure am glad that I don’t live in Halifax at this moment, because their weather is crap!” hahaha.

I will leave you with that and I plan share more exciting stories as the week goes. Guess what!? Tomorrow is Wednesday already, how exciting is that?



Holy update Batman!!

Hey guys!

So, it has been several days since my last post, and I assure that it is unintentional, I have not forgotten about you. I have been working away at training for my new job which is going great. So let me see, what can I  tell you about the week. I had my second hula hoop class on sunday which was great. This time we received our hoops and mine is a delightful red and pink hoop. Note to those who eventually get a hoop, don’t take on the bus at a busy hour, I was in everybody’s way. The class was different because we practiced hooping, obviously but she also added some new and more complicated hooping tricks to our repertoire.  Two of them involved leaning back or forward and having the hoop rotate on an angle around your body, which looks super cool, but is a lot harder to do than it sounds.

On Monday night I went to my DJ class and it was awesome. I can’t ever explain how much fun I have there to people because I just can’t find the words. It is such a great bunch of people. This week we reviewed beat mixing and then moved onto baby scratching, which is basically what it sounds like. It’s making little scratch sounds and working them into other songs. This week we just played around with it to get a feel for the process. It was soooo wicked.

After the class I went to the King’s pub, the Wardroom, for Moosehead mondays, where I drank no Moosehead. Skyler and I enjoyed a delicious raspberry Garrison brew while hanging out and listening to a DJ pump out some old school hiphop. It was great.

Despite being a little tired on Tuesday I still made it to work in good time, sort of, and then attended my Uganda dance class that night. I was the only one who showed up for the class which was too bad but I still had a great time. I got to do a lot of the dance on my own and was starting to remember some of the steps,although that is not where my strengths lie. Even when I think back to my days of the Martha Hicks Ballet school, and how I was always one step behind everyone else, I think about how I usually need a person in front of me to guide me. Regardless, I had a great time and was really enjoying the music. It’s the kind of dance that lets you put your own body into it. Even when I feel like I look silly I take a quick peek at myself in the mirror and notice that I actually look like I am feeling the music and interpreting it in the right way. Next week there will apparently be more people and a new dance on top of that! How exciting!

The centre is always accepting new people so if you want something new and really different you should come join me!!!

Since then, my week has been filled with work training, getting to know all the cool people I will be working with and random trips to the bulk barn and home outfitters with Amanda, Adam and Tyler.

On another note, the rain in halifax this week has been torrential. To say it was raining sideway is an understatement. I think all of my jackets have been soaked at least twice through to the liner. It is out of control.

This weekend is Thanksgiving and I am going to Amanda and Adam’s a big vegan Thanksgiving feast. I can’t wait! I am in charge of garlic mashed potatoes. I will let you know how it goes. I’ll also try and post any good recipes that get tested out at the feast tomorrow evening!

I’ll talk to you all soon! Happy three day weekend!


Mini Update!

Hey kids!

Ok so today is Sunday, and it is my first Sunday off! I get a real weekend, how exciting! I have lots of things to do today that are not super exciting but in between those things I get to go to my second Hula Hooping class and finish the day with an awesome craft night at Andrew’s place. Also, if you are looking for something fun to do tonight, DJ Trixxx is spinning at the “middle deck” or Beer Market downtown. I’m hoping to make it down next week, but you could go tonight! Last week was apparently really busy and great so I pumped to check it out.

Alrightyroo my friends, I’ll be checking back in soon!


Uganda Dance, Latin Dance, Moving and moving and moving

Hey Everyone!

Ok so this week has been just crazy. I challenge you to find a busier schedule.  So, on Wednesday I moved from an apartment into the most beautiful house.  Not only are my two new roommates super nice, but they are also so easy to get along with. I can’t tell you how at home I feel, it is just awesome! Anyways, I am just so pleased with how it all worked out!

On Thursday I started my new full time job at the Scotiabank contact centre, and already after two days I feel pretty lucky and happy to be there. I think the job is going to be pretty fun and also a great opportunity. Woot!

In other news, my parentals are in China so I am hearing man a story from them as they travel. I wish I could be back there, as I spent three months over in Asia this past summer with my friend Thibaut. What I would give to go back to one of those trave memories. Anyways, I am getting off topic here.

To back track a little, on Tuesday I attended my first Uganda dance class. I showed up at Dance Halifax on Barrington, which is where they hold the class, but it is run by the Maratimes Centre for African Dance. The class was only myself and one other girl, Dawn. The teacher, Vickie was a past session student as well and was now teaching the class. She is from Uganda and was really sweet. We learned a dance called Achoeli (I know I am spelling/ potentially saying that wrong) It was really hard but also really fun. African dance is very rewarding to your mind and body, because it requires you to be able to do  a lot things at once all while coordinating every part of your body going in different directions. When you finally succeed at getting a move down, it makes you feel pretty good.

We did the Acholi dance to this music.  I am really enjoying listening to music that I know nothing about. It’s very refreshing. And although the music doesn’t sound too crazy, I assure you that the dance is very involved and really fun. The class was also a great work out! Always a bonus.

It would be great to see other people come out! They do classes on an individual basis so I think you can join whenever, so if you are interested I have posted the info at the bottom to contact the centre.

I also attended my third latin dance class yesterday, and it is going great. I have such a great group of people to learn with. They are so sweet and fun to be around and we all encourage each other. We did the Meringue, Salsa and Tango.  Leslie, the instructor and owner of Shake it is great and has really been giving us all the tools we need to be able to do the dance. What I love about it the most though is that we are all interacting and participating in the dances together, unlike a lot of dance classes where it is so regimented and the teachers can be a little too strict.  It’s just really fun!

So on the agenda for the weekend, is a good night of champagne, dancing at Pacifico and then Reflections! This will be followed by the market tomorrow morning, candy apple making with my most delightful friend Amanda, hula hooping on sunday and hopefully another craft night with Andrew! Apparently we are working on either rubber stamping or a textiles project! how mysterious and exciting!

Stay tuned my ducklings… plenty of exciting things going on!

And now some info:

Maritime Centre For African Dance

2594 Agricola St 
Halifax, NS
B3K 4C6
(902) 425-7443